SCAG needs to hear why active transportation is important to you!

In an email, Rey Baerg, Southern California Policy Manager of Safe Routes to School National Partnership asks us to attend the Southern California Association of Governments meeting on the 2012 Regional Transportation Plan on March 21, 2012, and raise our voices in support of active transportation.

Quick Facts:

  • 21% of trips in SCAG region are completed by walking and bicycling (NHTS 2009)
  • 25% of the roadway fatalities in SCAG region are pedestrians and bicyclists (SCAG Draft 2012 RTP/SCS).
  • The SCAG region suffers from an obesity rate of 24% (SCAG Draft 2012 RTP/SCS).
  • Only 1.3% of the funding in the Draft 2012 RTP/SCS is dedicated to Active Transportation (SCAG Draft 2012 RTP/SCS).
  • Over 80% of active transportation funding in the plan is not available until after 2026 (SCAG Draft 2012 RTP/SCS).

Our Asks to SCAG:

  • Increase Funding for Active Transportation: The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has estimated that $40 Billion or 5-8% of the funding in the plan is needed for Active Transportation over the next 25 years. SCAG should adjust the funding in the plan to better reflect this need.
  • Front load Funding for Active Transportation: Funding should be moved forward in the plan so the full benefits of active transportation can be realized sooner.
  • Develop an Active Transportation Strategic Funding Plan: This plan would be developed and lead by a newly created Regional Active Transportation Finance Committee consisting of County Transportation Commissions, Elected Officials, and local public health and advocacy leaders. This committee will highlight, determine, and accelerate current, potential, and additional funding sources.
  • Regional Complete Streets Plan: This plan will create policy framework to guide and encourage local implementation of complete streets. It will also guide County Transportation Commissions to select and develop projects that serve all users.
  • Regional Safe Routes to School Plan: This plan will assist County Transportation Commissions to prioritize Safe Routes to School projects, incorporate joint use and school siting as effective land use strategies and identify potential funding sources.

Meeting Location:

SCAG Main Office
818 W 7th St
12th Floor Board Room
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Meeting Date and Time:

March 21, 2012

12:00 pm (noon)

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