FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! The Ride To Parris – March 27, 2010

Press Release from Rich Bartlett of the Block Shop:
I am going to ask a favor from each and every one of you. I, we, you, all NEED to attend this ride on March 27th – it is in all of our best interest!!!
My name is Rich Bartlett and I have been riding bikes my entire life. I live in the City of Lancaster, California and have been in the AV for almost 40 years.
We all have political agendas, views, and opinions which we believe in. Every once in a while we have the ability to do something really great.
That something is going to happen on Saturday March 27th from The Block Shop (L-12 & 12th Street West) at 11:30am.
Let me tell you about the ride! We will be doing the ride a little shorter than the typical Wednesday night rides. About 15 miles – just over an hour – easy pace.
The beauty is: we will have Police escorts leading the way, stopping traffic and getting us around town safely in the middle of the day!
This is a one time deal so don’t miss out! Leading the route with me will be none other than our Mayor R. Rex Parris.
What many of you don’t know is that Mayor Parris is a huge bicycle advocate and the bigger the participation the more we can get accomplished this year.
No matter what your political preference is if you ride bikes this ride will be beneficial. I NEED over 200 riders to show up!
The weather is getting better and the Wednesday night CYCOLOGY rides will be starting soon.
The first 100 riders to show up at the Block Shop and sign in on Saturday morning March 27 will receive a free tee shirt as well (sign ups will start at 10am).
The Ride To Parris is FREE and you will not want to miss this one!!! So come ride your bicycles all around Lancaster with the Police in front instead of behind you.
The pace will be mellow (10-15mph) all bikes are invited to participate (Road, Fixies, Mountain, BMX, Comfort, Hybrid, Tandem, Recumbent, etc).
So again meet us at the Block Shop at 11:30am on Saturday morning March 27th and Tour Lancaster on the Ride To Parris!!!
Please forward this to anyone who rides bikes and tell them to reply to this email if they want to be on the ride list.


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Bringing riders together for the benefit of all cyclists.
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